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Water Slide Decal Projects

* Click here to request for water slide decal sample.

Labeling of model train using water slide decal paper

Labeling of sponsors logo on motorbike model using both white and clear water slide decal paper

Printing on decal paper as a decoration for large wooden box

Custom design and printing as nail art by using decal paper.

Personalized candle as special gift.

Having custom naming for remote control aeroplane.

Decal mug for decoration purpose. *Note - We also offer mug printing service that is washable, consumable long lasting color.

You can create your own decoration on your vehicle and example would be like the bike in the picture.

Put one some image on your guitar so show the uniqueness and personality of your own guitar.

Water slide decal on plate as a decorative memorable item.

Some business idea of making miniature plate with placing graphic by water slide decal paper.

You could paste the water slide decal on almost any kind of surface. Start your creativity by using water slide decal today!

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