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Envelope Pricing

The envelope is the one thing that would never lose its usefulness as long as there are people who correspond with each other. This is a very beneficial tool for keeping in touch in sending letters, greeting cards, notes and documents. The envelopes materials are 100gram Simili paper printed either in single or full colour with the choice of with or without window. The envelopes that are being developed by us are following to Pos Malaysia standard size and colour.

Standard Size 4"x9" inch



Without Window With Window

1,000 pcs

Single Colour

RM 190

RM 200

Full Colour

RM 400 RM 410

2,000 pcs

Single Colour

RM 260 RM 280

Full Colour

RM 470 RM 490

5,000 pcs

Single Colour

RM 450 RM 500

Full Colour

RM 720 RM 770
10,000 pcs

Single Colour

RM 800 RM 880

Full Colour

RM 1,200 RM 1,300

* For custom quantity, size, material and design services, please contact us to discuss your needs and options.

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