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Digital vs. Offset Printing

Digital Printing: If you want a sample of digital printing, simply look at a piece that you print from your inkjet printer at your home or office. Digital printing uses a series of dots printed on top of the paper that form an image. Recent year, digital printing mainly refer to laser printing.

Offset Printing: Offset printing is done on large presses that use plates and ink. As your piece is printed on an offset press, the ink bleeds into the paper and bonds with it. Because of the plates used, and the way the ink is absorbed by the paper, most people feel that offset printing provides deeper, richer, fuller color saturation than digital printing. While digital printing has certainly improved over the years, most printing experts would agree that it still hasnít reached the quality level of offset printing.


Digital Printing

Offset Printing


Below 180gsm

Range from 80gsm to 260gsm above


No finishing

Matt Lamination, Gloss Lamination, Spot UV


Limited tone

Rich, Vivid, Millions of color.



4 to 7 days


Start from 1pc

Minimum of 200pcs.

Cost for large amount


Very Low


Letters, Memo, Certificates, Personal Report,

Leaflet, Magazine, Brochure, Newspaper, Books, Name Cards, Paper Bag, Letterhead, Stickers, Calender.

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